Are you pinning yet?

The growth of the social media site Pinterest has been astounding. Not only that, but 85% of the content is being posted by women. Pinterest is essentially a virtual vision board. Or rather, multiple boards, as women create endless amounts of boards for style, food, beauty, travel, work, music, and many more.


I can only imagine what men feel when they first visit the site, being overwhelmed by images of dream weddings, travel destinations, beautiful furniture, place settings, flowers, cookies and cakes, and mainly, fashion.

Pictures of dresses, couture, supermodels and celebrities inundate the site. Women share their personal style with each other – favorite jewelry, shoes, bags, clothing, you name it. It’s a beautiful menagerie of all things style and beauty. The site can be quite addicting, as most of my girlfriends now have a daily habit of spending at least a few minutes (or hours) a day pinning new finds. Even the word “pinning” has an entirely new meaning now.

I hope the site diversifies to encompass more than just female-centric content, so that other brands and users can take advantage of the experience. For now, I highly recommend any brand that has products appealing to females (and gay men) start pinning!

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