CEO & Founder, Empower Digital

Dian develops and executes digital integration and communications strategies for her clients. She is known a fixer, a handler, and an operator. Nothing stands in her way to achieve her goals. Dian consults for both individuals and brands on how to build and maintain a following through social media and PR. Having experience working with high-profile projects and as a handler for well-known individuals, Dian has developed unique and effective strategies that she applies to her clients in order to successfully help them achieve their business goals.

Dian has over fifteen years of deep experience in Digital Strategy and Communications, beginning with her career in the music industry. She began her career in Corporate Finance in 2004 at companies such as EMI Music and The Weinstein Company. She then spent time at MySpace, when it was the largest social network, working on strategic partnerships with the major record labels to create a new monetized music portal for the social network. After launching the new music platform for MySpace, Dian returned to EMI Music as the Director of Digital, where she managed digital operations for the record label’s artists. Notably, Dian was part of the digital launch of The Beatles catalog of music on iTunes.

Prior to founding Empower Digital, Dian was the Director of Digital Strategy & Social Media for Career Artist Management. There she managed and executed digital and communications strategy for Maroon 5, Sara Bareilles, Vanessa Carlton, 3 Doors Down, The Barenaked Ladies, Megadeth, Kenny G, and more. Dian and her team have worked with brands and talent around the world including Universal Music, Beatclub, EMI, Elephant Money, Lamina1, Hitachi, L’Oréal, SGN Games, Shiseido, Armani, The Royal Commission of AlUla, and many more.

A student of meditation for over 30 years, Dian’s intention is to maintain authenticity and integrity in her work. She also continues to train in practices such as Yoga and Pilates, which provides her with discipline and balance. Dian is health-conscious and strives to work positively with the planet.

Dian received a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School and B.A. in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. Currently, Dian guest lectures at UCLA Extension about social media, digital marketing, and branding. Dian is based in Los Angeles.