Dian Oved is well-known in elite circles as a formidable strategist, entrepreneur, negotiator, branding expert, fixer, marketer, and publicist. After graduating from Wharton Business School and accumulating over 20 years of experience in high-profile, high-pressure, corporate, startup, and international environments, Dian is now offering her guidance formally to those interested in succeeding at the highest levels of business.

Since she was a young girl, Dian has been known to everyone she meets as the person who “makes things happen” no matter what. Dian is tenacious, fearless, does not take “no” for an answer, and has followed paths that have taken her around the world to help people and grow her business and global network. She works tirelessly to fix problems and provide solutions for her clients.

Dian works with various types of individuals and entities around the world, including startups, established businesses, celebrities, billionaires, political figures, international governments, and royalty.

To date, Dian has offered business advisory services exclusively to those in her inner circle. For the first time ever, she is now offering her knowledge and counsel to the public.

She specializes in helping both men and women navigate a wide variety challenges in business, including:

  • Staying focused, organized, and motivated
  • Building A+ teams
  • Dealing with high profile individuals and celebrities
  • Helping women overcome challenges in male-dominated environments
  • Overcoming narcissists and how to recognize them in business
  • How to thrive in a crisis situation (political, personal, economic)
  • Uncovering your business talents and developing confidence and resilience
  • Time management and staying healthy
  • Using your intuition for big business wins
  • Branding, marketing, and PR consulting
  • How to negotiate deals
  • Using astrology and planetary events for evaluating people and business planning
  • How to access celebrities and work in the entertainment industry

Learn more below about the different programs and memberships Dian offers. She also creates customized programs that precisely address your needs and business goals.