Some people are naturally inclined to be leaders.

Some people are not, and need guidance on how to motivate and build top-tier teams.

Dian Oved is fortunate to be a natural born leader, embracing leadership qualities that came into bloom at the age of 10 as she entered the 6th grade in a foreign country. Dian continued to be a leader in her community in high school, graduating as valedictorian of her class. In college as a dual degree student at the University of Pennsylvania & Wharton School she led group projects in the US and China, before entering the business world and immediately taking managerial positions at the age of 20.

Dian has honed her leadership skills through both experience and study, in the corporate and startup world. She has built teams for companies and has cultivated a top-tier team over the past 13 years running her company, Empower Digital.

Dian is one of the handful of female CEOs running a successful business and team in the cutthroat Hollywood and media industries. She has worked with billionaires, royalty, governments, multinational corporations, and startups. Her vast experience globally has allowed her to advise others on how to run large scale projects, build excellent teams, and achieve success no matter what the circumstances. Nothing ever stands in her way of achieving her goals in business and Dian is able to teach others how to live and work in this path of resilience.

Dian enjoys teaching and public speaking tremendously, and is invited on a regular basis to speak at events, companies, governmental ministries about various topics including:

  • Empowering women in business
  • How to be a leader
  • How to thrive in a crisis and solve problems
  • How to build A+ teams
  • How to uncover your innate business skills
  • How to motivate your team
  • How to keep your team loyal, passionate, resilient, and interested in their work
  • How to hire and train new team members
  • How to create organization with a business or a team
  • How to create a team environment (remotely or in person) where collaboration is fostered
  • Removing any type of resentment, drama, or negativity in a team situation
  • Mastering your media presence
  • How to navigate the current state of social media and the news cycle
  • What is branding and how it is relevant to your business or project
  • How to cultivate and grow your personal brand
  • How to deal with narcissists in business
  • How to marry intuition with data for greater business success
  • How to stay present, focused, organized and healthy to avoid burnout and stay productive

Dian works with you to set up customized session(s) or program(s) remotely or on-site according to your business needs. Dian is available to travel for on-site programs in the US and internationally.

To learn more about this consultancy program, sign up for a 30 or 60 minute consultation to discuss a plan with Dian, and she creates a bespoke program and options for you.